Adapting your telephony solutions : Why now and how to go about it?

Cisco and Nowcomm present:

Webinar: Adapting your telephony solutions – why now and how to go about it?

Tue, 16th February 2.00 PM GMT

  • James Baly, Scott Bradley, Alex Gould (Nowcomm) and Chris Massey (Cisco) discuss:


  • •  The opportunities and challenges caused by the pandemic.
    •  Whether you even need a telephony system
    •  What does the ideal telephony system look like?
    •  Challenges of changing the telephony, whether its worth the hassle and how to get there.

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    Special Guest Speakers

    Chris Massey

     Chris is a specialist in the complete Cisco Collaboration, UCaaS, CCaaS, Webex cloud and mobility offerings.

    James Baly

    James Baly , Managing Director at Nowcomm, will be discussing things you should know before you start adapting your telephony systems.