Education secured: helping you address security challenges in education

This 60-minute webinar reveals the 5 critical actions you ought to take right now that will better protect your education operations and minimise your risk of getting hacked.

This is an opportunity to glean insights from leading cybersecurity experts on the very real online threats faced in Education. The webinar will cover the
why and how cybercriminal attack Education operations. Then, importantly, what you can do to minimise the risk.

We will be discussing the following three key questions:

Why: The panel will discuss why the Education Sector is an increasingly attractive target for hackers and cybercriminals.

How: Hear from the perspectives of Cisco and Nowcomm Experts, on how Cybercriminals exploit common vulnerabilities of the campus and learning network.

What: Learn what you can do to reduce your risk and exposure. We will arm you with five key actions to help you stay secure and protect your organisation.

  • Nowcomm’s Cybersecurity expert Kevin will be joined by Perry and Ben who will bring in their individual expertise around the ever changing landscape in Education. Learn how Nowcomm and Cisco is helping with these challenges, highlighting examples of how different establishments are coping and adapting in line with student expectations.

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    Special Guest Speakers

    Perry Timms

    Renowned blogger, global speaker, and TedEx speaker on the future of work. Perry is a transformation HR leader and founded PTHR 7 years ago. Perry and his team deliver innovative and transformational work solutions and HR and Organisation Design.

    Ben Fairburn

    The last nine years have been spent as part of a Cisco Global team focussing on education, in the UK and EMEAR. This global, regional and local insight has encouraged Ben’s vision and passion to see people and education establishments succeed through digital transformation.

    Nowcomm Executives

    James Baly alongside our Head of Services Kevin Prone at Nowcomm, will be including examples of security projects and key learnings.