How to secure your digital organisation with three pivotal pillars of strength: technology, operations and culture.

Join us in August for the first of 3 insightful masterclasses on how to understand the importance of culture and operations in reducing your organisations risk, in today’s digital world.

Aimed at C-Suite executives (CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs) particularly HR directors who are responsible for corporate culture and people governance, you’ll hear from industry experts who’ll be discussing the top cyber security challenges digital organisations are facing right now, and how critical people and culture are in driving the present and future security of business.

Investment outcomes:

  1. Maturity: Identify where your organisation is on the security continuum and what security fundamentals are required in order to positively impact your organisation’s security posture.
  2. Culture: Learn what strategies you should deploy to improve engagement between your security team and wider employee network, thereby reducing your business risk.
  3. Trust: Understand which emails and links are real, and which are fake, so you can further educate and protect your organisation from compliance failures, regulation fines, and cyber-attacks.
  4. Value: Learn how to assess the cost of a data breach and the steps you must take in order to reduce the impact and recover at speed.
  5. Reliability: Discover how cybersecurity risks rise with business automation, digitisation, and machine learning, and what risk mitigation measures you must implement.
  6. Reinvention: Ignite innovation, reset best practices, and learn how to align business and security objectives during and beyond these unprecedented times.

Part One August 7th, 10.30am
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Special Guest Speakers

Jane Frankland – award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker and bestselling author, Jane has over 22 years’ experience in cyber security, and has been named as a top 100 UK tech influencer and the third most influential person in cybersecurity in the UK.

Perry Timms – renowned blogger, global speaker,and TedEx speaker on the future of work. Perry is a transformation HR leader and founded PTHR 7 years ago. Perry and his team deliver innovative and transformational work solutions and HR and Organisation Design.

Nowcomm executives – Richard McLoughlin and James Baly sharing their views as C suite executives and how culture and technology can and must combine to drive value. Alongside our Head of Services Kevin Prone, Nowcomm will be including examples of security projects and key learnings.

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