SD-WAN Security by Nowcomm

What is an SD-WAN?

A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture. It combines traditional WAN technologies, such as MPLS and broadband connections allowing enterprises to leverage any transport service to securely connect users to applications without any bandwidth penalties.

Organisations can connect all their offices to a central network in the cloud, which can increase control, network speed and flexibility.

Protect SaaS and Internet applications with SD-WAN

SD WAN Internet Applications

SD-WAN enables efficient access to Internet and cloud applications, but enterprises need to be protected against security blind spots and other vulnerabilities.

Cisco SD-WAN provides full threat protection and visibility to guard against major web-based attacks. Delivered by the Umbrella cloud or by an in-built capability of the router, enterprises can gain visibility into and control of major SaaS and Internet applications.

What are the benefits of SD- WAN Security for employees?

Protect users – connect direct to the cloud

To help with the ever-increasing adoption of multicloud environments, SD-WAN offers total transport flexibility to connect directly with the cloud using the internet.

Improve user experiences – broader applications

TThe network efficiency that comes with SD-WAN creates a better user application experience and reduces cost for organizations.

Reduce exposure to threats – full security stack

Rearchitecting the enterprise WAN and branch networks into SD-WAN creates exposure to threats and additional security complexity. Cisco SD-WAN offers a full security stack to protect against major forms of attacks arising due to opening branches to the internet.

What are the three benefits of implementing SD-WAN against internal and external threats?

1. Easily scale

If you plan to deploy additional security devices or services on-premises, in the cloud, or both, you scale easily for future traffic growth

2. Reduce complexity

Make the deployment and manageability of security solutions from multiple vendors simple

Increase visibility into traffic to or across branches and data centres

Nowcomm has engineering leadership in both networking and security to include full-stack multilayer security capabilities on the platform and in the cloud.

Our on-premises SOC and cloud security expertise arms us and our customers with advanced threat defence wherever it is needed – for branches connecting to multiple SaaS or IaaS clouds, to data centres, or everything on the internet.

Security benefits of Cisco SD-WAN

Constant protection against all internal and external threats from branches to SaaS

Improved user experience via secure direct internet and cloud access

Centralized visibility and control for all internal, inbound, and outbound traffic

Reduced cost and complexity using a single product for networking, security, and cloud