Power and Environmental Monitoring


Power and Environmental Monitoring

We offer a wide range of solutions providing that offer both monitoring and fault diagnosis elements. These safeguard infrastructure quality and in turn reduce your data risk.

With energy prices constantly rising, efficiency is not solely an environmental concern and has a direct impact on your operational costs.

Bearing this in mind our solutions will:
•   Minimise power usage
•   Improve cooling efficiency
•   Increase reliability
•   Decrease your carbon footprint

Alongside the delivery of reliable power to the network environment, local power monitoring protection and / or management is a key concern to the Data Centre Manager. There is a real need to monitor power utilisation, prevent unauthorised use of power outlets, reboot locked-up equipment, prevent current in-rush and overloaded feeds.

Intelligent power strips provide a modular and flexible solution to manage your power needs remotely to mission-critical equipment, thus saving on-site visits. Our solutions addresses these concerns with a range of intelligent power strips that, can provide remote power control and remote power monitoring over IP, providing benefits of:

•   SNMP management (gets /sets/ traps)
•   Inbuilt web server
•   Telnet Communications

Additionally, the power strips have terminal emulation, which is accessible via a KVM switch.

Uses of the intelligent power strip solutions include:

Power Balancing – IT infrastructure managers can ensure that the individual phases available within the data centre are correctly balanced. This helps prevent infrastructure failure and makes more efficient use of power delivery components such as UPS, generator, harmonic filters etc. This also enables the infrastructure to be matched to actual enterprise needs.

Power Availability Check – Power is provided to the load point using normal power delivery equipment. This usually has a finite limit before a circuit breaker cuts in to prevent overloading and dropping the load (maybe your application servers!). This can be avoided by monitoring power closely.

Billing Stream – Monitoring KWhr enables certain organisations to bill their customers (Web, hotels, hosting companies etc) for consumed power thereby adding to their income revenues.

Remote Reboot and Power Control – Locked up and unresponsive equipment can be rebooted remotely, saving on site visits. In addition, the power strips can be used for sequenced start up of devices to prevent in-rush current.

All our solutions offer optional sensor ports for plug-and-play environment sensors that allow you to monitor temperature, humidity, airflow and other environmental conditions.

Therse Include:
•   Microswitch Door Sensor
•   Magnetic Door Sensor
•   Air Flow Sensor
•   Temperature sensor
•   Humidity sensor
•   Shock Sensor
•   PIR sensor
•   Smoke Detector
•   Water Rope
•   Water sensor
•   Flashing Xenon Beacon
•   Coloured Sounder with flashing beacon
•   PDU Power Monitoring/Display Unit

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