Behind the scenes with M-Sport Ford World Rally Team

Bored of webinars? Craving for a change of scenery? Let Nowcomm take you behind closed doors at M-Sport for an exciting insight session of what it takes to run a successful World Rally Team.

Join us for this invitation only online event and get a chance to win a tour of the McLaren Technology centre (Yes, an on-site event with actual people later this year!)

Join us Thursday the 27th of May at 2 pm

Securing the ‘New Normal’ - Good Enough Is No Longer Enough

Find out how to reduce the strain of cyber operations, gain greater visibility over your environment, reduce the complexity and take back control

Join us Thursday the 15th of April at 2.30 pm

Behind the scenes of Cisco IT Security – the good, the bad and the ugly of the pandemic security

Learn how Cisco’s internal IT security team is dealing with security challenges of the pandemic and speculates about the future.

Adapting your telephony solutions – why now and how to go about it?

Nowcomm’s own James Baly will be joining Chris Massey from Cisco for a webinar on how to adapt your telephony solutions for lockdown and beyond. Join us and learn where to start and what to consider when making decision regarding your telephony.

Education Secured

This 60-minute webinar reveals the 5 critical actions you ought to take right now that will better protect your education operations and minimise your risk of getting hacked.