End Point Security from Nowcomm

What is a End Point Security and how can Nowcomm help?

At Nowcomm we believe you should empower your employees to work from anywhere, no matter their preferred device, to help maintain productivity and a consistent user experience. However, the security landscape is getting more complex and so too are the expectations of users and the spectrum of devices being used.

Once users are happy using your security tools, this is one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. Your people are your first line of defence when it comes to your security.

The latest CISO 2020 report states 52% of surveyed executives state that mobile devices are now very or extremely challenging to defend. In fact, mobile devices have overtaken user behaviour – which was the biggest challenge in the 2019 report.

Have you considered End Point Security for your business?

We are here to help you every step of the way through the transition. Please contact us to discuss how Nowcomm can help.

What is a Zero Trust Framework?

A zero-trust framework achieves these three success metrics,

  • • The user is known and authenticated
    • The device is checked and found to be adequate
    • The user is limited to where they can go within your environment


Having zero trust in place removes much of the guesswork in protecting your infrastructure from all potential threats, including mobile devices.

Simple and Secure VPN access

VPN access empowers employees to work from anywhere, on company laptops or personal mobile devices, at any time with reassurance and peace of mind. In return your organisation gains endpoint visibility allowing you to easily spot trends and patterns of behaviour and device connectivity that appear to be outside the norm. As well as protecting employees on or off the network, you are also able to enforce a security posture for connected endpoints.

Why Cisco AnyConnect by Nowcomm?

Did you know?

Nowcomm have been awarded the below security certificates as a trusted, specialised UK Cisco Gold Partner:

Advanced Security Architecture Specialised partner authorised

Enterprise Agreement for Security Authorised Partner

Cisco Umbrella Authorised Partner

With over 20 years’ experience across a diverse range of sectors and architectures, with varying degrees of security awareness and training, our aim is to work alongside your security team and wider organisation to extend flexible, policy driven access to support your remote and office based workers across wired, wireless and VPN.

At Nowcomm we are constantly investing in our people and our technology. We believe security is a constant journey, always evolving.

What are the three main benefits of VPN solutions from Nowcomm?

End user and Employee Productivity

Allowing network access at any time in any location has huge productivity gains for all users in your organisation. Today’s working patterns are more unique than ever: different time zones, unusual working patterns in the day, and a rise in flexible workforces.

Giving highly secure access on a range of devices to authorised users across your network allows access, at any time, in any location, regardless of whether working in a café, at home, an airport, bar or temporary rented office space in the UK or overseas.

Outside of end users on the network, the simplicity of the Nowcomm VPN solution allows security teams to: –

• Provide a consistent user experience across devices increasing the likelihood of driving a more security conscious environment for all workers, regardless of whether on or off premise
• Easy management and maintenance platform for IT teams using one single agent

Device Visibility

Gaining visibility and control of your distributed and remote enterprise, allows you to identify and manage the devices accessing – or trying to access – your enterprise network. This is becoming more crucial as the volume of remote workers increases and the volume of hackers and cyberattacks increases. The Network Visibility Module as part of Cisco AnyConnect allows you to have insight into user and endpoint behaviour to allow more effective defence and improved network operations.

Uncovering and responding to threats like zero-day malware, dangerous user behaviour and data exfiltration before they become a problem enhances your network performance as well as your security posture.

Easy Automation

By ensuring your end users’ endpoint security is up to date and easily managed using Cisco AnyConnect, you are then able to automate security posture checks and determine any compliance requirements. Therefore, strengthening your overall security.

• Continuously monitor all file behaviour
• Uncover stealthy attacks,
• Detect and block malware across endpoints
• …..Do it fast and automatically

Find out more about protecting access to your VPN and gaining visibility into devices by enabling multi-factor authentication to verify your users with DUO from Nowcomm.

Prevent threats at point of entry
Cisco AMP

Quickly block attacks before they target you by monitoring every endpoint

Protect users off the VPN

Protect users in a matter of minutes with flexible, cloud-delivered security whenever and wherever you need it.