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Why do I need to train my employees on cybersecurity?

The security landscape is evolving. The role of IT Security is challenging and is requiring more resources than ever before. Therefore, there is an increasing need to engage with your end users, to keep them up to speed with all the latest phishing attacks, ransomware attacks and other cyberattacks and their frequency.

Kevin Prone introducing Cyber Security Training from Nowcomm

Providing your network users with a range of different training programs, sharing examples of breaches and tricks cybercriminals, helps end users to:

1. Develop a more thorough understanding of cyberattacks and the risks they pose to an organisation

2. Create familiarity and a greater awareness of the tricks and tactics hackers use so end users are more cautious before clicking any links and opening phishing emails

3. Creates a wider curiosity and promotes ‘group thinking’ towards a common challenge to help drive the organisation towards a more robust security policy

4. Promotes a culture of learning

Security data driven insight

The Nowcomm people security solution encompasses a wide range of technologies MFA, 2FA and endpoint security solutions. However, we believe security should be people first. This approach ensures your end users are aware, alert and engaged. This means you can realise your security policy gains more quickly and drive results – fast.

With over 20 years security experience, our cyber security technology fuses psychology and behavioural science with artificial intelligence and data science.

Our data analytics platform enables quantification of cyber risks amongst your end users. It provides a baseline of all the security foundations installed, and highlights areas of technology vulnerability, as well as knowledge gaps within your teams. Sharing current vulnerabilities and risks can then be translated into gains and resilience achieved over time. These metrics are importance to show growth in your organisation and engagement against a prolific cyber environment.

People are curious. We want to challenge their curiosity and creativity with online cyber training to drive behaviour change and develop an ongoing security culture program.

How can data driven insight help my security priorities?

The Cultural Challenge

There is a historic cultural challenge of the security profession. Security teams are often not on the Board, often have the responsibility of, and are often deemed to be, the company 999. As a result, they are in a state of high alert and often make themselves available 24/7. Burn out is common and staff turnover can be as high as every 2 years

Expectations of the security function can often be unrealistic – especially as organisations are growing fast, remote working is exploding and cyberattacks, and vulnerabilities are an ongoing feat. Here are two ways Nowcomm helps:

Behaviour Change:

Nowcomm encourages the dispersal of responsibility towards security into all teams and end users. This helps drive actions and behaviours. The technologies underpin user behaviours. These behaviours are core to each team and are driven by managers, through a series of personnel development programs and KPIs.

Education using simulations:

using real life scenarios really tests the end users’ curiosity. Using interactive content and intelligent simulated attacks grounded in psychology and behaviour change theory, our unique approach to countering cyber-attacks helps drive an understanding of how your end users respond and whether they can spot the differences between a real email and a phishing attack. This is then part of the actionable plan, highlighting what needs to be addressed.

Risk reduction data and metrics:

Nowcomm develops unique reports on your organisations people, to demonstrate the challenges and behaviours in these teams. However, these reports need to be digested and interpreted by many teams in the overall company culture. Our reports can be digested by the C-Suite, Board, Managers, and security professionals to create an ongoing plan of action. Our data-driven analytical tool helps you understand, measure, and reduce human cyber risk, making it easier to report risk to the board and other key decision makers.

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