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Cisco Cloud Security

Your cloud network allows your people to work in multiple places, using multiple devices. It’s that agility that made you invest in cloud technology in the first place. But, now your business data is stored in the cloud – rather than in a physical on-premise location – you need to make sure it’s secure.

At Nowcomm, we’re highly skilled and experienced in providing the most advanced cloud security solutions – that are created using policies, controls, procedures and technologies, that work together to: protect your data, allow you to meet regulatory compliance targets, protect your customer’s privacy, and control what your individual users and devices can do.

Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Cloudlock are the two propositions that our businesses benefit from most. And as we’re the proud owners of three, coveted Cisco accreditations – you can rest assured your cloud security needs will be met professionally and expertly by our Nowcomm specialists.

Cloud Security from Nowcomm

Below are just a few options in which Nowcomm can help with your Cloud Security

Have you considered Cloud Security for your business?

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What is cloud security?

All vendors have different ways of separating their services and propositions making it harder for customers to work out what they are looking for. Cloud security propositions include services relating to off-premis software services that your company uses, and how you can better protect your employees and your network before, during and after an attack. Now we are all accessing company data and storing company data in the cloud, these attacks are becoming more frequent, malicious, and stealthy.

Nowcomm offers a full range of email protection and web protection solutions through our own partner ecosystem. Our aim is to help you understand the ‘normal behaviour’ to allow you to easily and quickly defend and react to the abnormal well in advance of the security threat becoming real.

An overview of remote access Cloud Security considerations by Nowcomm, as featured in PrivSec Report 2020

What is web security?

Web Security Protection from Nowcomm

With the onset of mass remote working during Covid-19, we all need to be more cognisant and alert with regards to cybersecurity and how to better protect our connected devices, people and networks from internet activity that can easily and quickly open all these to attack. Remote workers are accessing masses of web content daily, and securing around these, is an effective way to drive improved web security as well as to provide quality of service and maintain speed on your network for business continuity. Couple that with office spaces providing open access to wifi for guests and you can have a potential security nightmare on your hands.

To protect your network, you need a solution that prevents threats. AMP for Web Security goes beyond the basics in threat detection, URL filtering, and application control. It provides continuous file analysis, retrospective security, and sandboxing to catch even the stealthiest threats.

Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA), powered by Cisco Talos, protects you by automatically blocking risky sites and testing unknown sites before allowing users to link to them, helping with compliance.

What is email security?

Security is a continuum. Firewalls and data policies alone do not work to protect your organisation from attack. Technology evolves and employees need to work from anywhere on any device. Their device of choice may change and so too may their location. So how can you ensure your corporate email security is locked down in an ever-changing landscape? Get the lowdown on cloud email security from Nowcomm.

Email protection solutions and software protect your email devices and to provide end-point security, safeguarding your network from attacks and malicious links in phishing emails and spam. Our security experts work alongside your employees to educate and train them to understand differences between malicious links and phishing emails as well as to instil and drive new behaviours to prevent further attacks on your network. It is a collective and continuous program and partnership with Nowcomm.

Email security part of cloud security